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DOT Hazardous materials Training

The DOT Title 49 CFR (172.704) makes this a mandatory training requirement for ALL employees who affect hazardous material transportation safety. Training is required every 3 years with initial training to be received within 90 days of a change in employment or job function. If you are unsure of who at your facility requires this training, please contact us for the DOT’s Definition of a HazMat Employee.

In today’s economic times, organizations may find it inefficient to retain a full time transportation safety employee. Outsourcing duty specific HazMat 

awareness training to the experts at Martin-Braack Partners allows you to reallocate financial resources, while still providing expert training for your staff. 

Our experience and knowledge of the regulations, plus reasonable pricing provides for a cost-effective way to help your organization when HazMat expertise is required.

MBP training programs include 49 CFR, hazard classes, packaging, marking, labeling, loading, unloading, segregation, documentation/MSDS, placarding, security awareness and CDL requirements & incident reporting, in the following segments:

  • HazMat General Awareness Training
  • HazMat Regulations
  • Classes of HazMat Materials and Labelling
  • Shipping Papers
  • Emergency Response Guidebook
  • Packaging and Loading
  • Shipping and Unloading