Driver safety meetings

Martin-Braack Partners Driver Safety Meetings are designed to provide an efficient and effective safety session, and focus on both trending topics and your company-specific challenges.  Driver safety meetings project company safety, promote driver inspections of your equipment, reduce downtime, keep insurance rates down and ultimately drive increased profits.

No group is too small or too large. By speaking directly to your drivers and employees using engaging presentation tactics, the safety meeting becomes a team building affair, with active participation between managers and drivers, a sharing of critical ideas, and an acknowledgement of the important role each plays in the company's success. 

       Topics include:

  • DOT Roadside Inspections
  • HazMat Training
  • Accident Prevention
  • Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections
  • Driver Health and Fitness
  • CSA
  • Regulations Training 
  • Company-Specific Topics

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