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IFTA SErvices

IFTA Fuel and mileage tax reporting doesn’t have to be a tedious aspect of your business. Martin-Braack Partners can help you keep your trucks running legally and efficiently.

Martin-Braack Partners offers:

  • IFTA fuel & mileage preparation and filing
  • State mandated mileage tax reporting
  • Document Imaging
  • Fuel usage, tax liability, and vehicle reporting
  • Compliance and audit consulting

You simply send us your trip sheets. We take care of the rest, including auditing for accuracy, data entry, and regulation-required retention.  We will analyze the data and create reports that give you a clear picture of your fuel and mileage tax liability. Additionally, we prepare your quarterly tax forms. 

We treat each truck as if it is our own, managing your tax calculations and reporting, while you focus on your core business. As your back office partner, Martin-Braack will ensure your business is compliant and minimize the risk of financial penalties or disruption of business.