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Martin-Braack Partners offers mock OSHA compliance audits for diverse nationwide carrier and shipper clients. We will audit your company to identify both major and minor site deficiencies to minimize employee injuries and avoid citations. We also evaluate your existing safety programs for compliance and effectiveness. A proactive approach not only resolves issues before an accident, but demonstrates your commitment to providing a safe work environment to OSHA inspectors. 

OSHA Inspection Assistance
Martin-Braack Partners will provide expert assistance both during and after an OSHA compliance inspection.  

Prior to an OSHA Inspection
OSHA Compliance inspections can seem a bit unnerving, and both management and staff should be prepared for the arrival of an OSHA inspector.  Martin-Braack will prepare your management and staff to effectively handle an OSHA inspection. 

During an OSHA Inspection
During the OSHA compliance inspection comply with the compliance officer, take notes, take photos, and ask questions. We will help you on the paperwork (training records, policies, procedures, etc.) to provide to the compliance officer to eliminate or mitigate citations. 

After an OSHA Inspection

We will review and interpret any violations, prepare your  written response to the allegations, and accompany your representatives to the informal conference or formal hearing.

osha audits - mock and the real deal